How to get the smell of weed out of your car

August 19, 2022 3 min read

Photo of weed on car.

We’ve all been there. You step into your car and it hits you like a wave, and you’re hoping your passenger doesn’t notice that funky stench.

That lingering smell of smoke can often be unwelcome, but how do you get the odor out?

Answer: The airborne odor from cannabis smoke can bond to materials throughout your car, so follow the below steps to keep your ride funk-free.

P.S. I do most of the following every month and find it to be pretty relaxing! Plus, it’s hard to beat the feeling of a clean and fresh car.

Freshen up the air vents with steam or a deodorizing spray

If you look under the dash of your car, you’ll likely find vents above where your feet rest.

These vents intake air from the cabin to be air conditioned or filtered.

You can freshen up these air ducts with a steamer or an odor eliminating spray.

Simply turn on air recirculation (button looks like an arrow turning within a car) and use a steamer or spritz a spray near the vents. The vents will intake the steam or spray and carry it through the ducts and filters.

Replace the air filters to get the smell out

Behind most car’s glove compartments is one or more air filters that refine the cabin’s air.

Over time, odor and debris can accumulate in the filter — making it less effective.

If you’re noticing that the air coming from the vents or AC is stale, stuffy, or funky, I’d recommend replacing these air filters.

Replacing air filters is usually a simple task and new filters are relatively affordable, so don’t be intimidated!

I would purchase a replacement filter(s) from your local auto parts store. There, they can ensure that the filters you’re purchasing will fit your make and model.

Next, I would follow an online tutorial to see how you go about replacing the filters in your make and model. In my experience, the task only takes ten minutes and doesn’t require any tools.

Use a cleaner or cannabis deodorizing spray on the upholstery

The upholstery of your car can absorb cannabis smoke and other nasty odors.

If your fabric smells funky, I’d recommend using an upholstery cleaner and brush (tip: some upholstery cleaners include a brush on their dispenser).

Once you’ve got a cleaner, test it on a small spot of your upholstery to make sure it doesn’t discolor the material.

Then, take the time to spray and brush the rest of your upholstery. The cleaner will work to remove both odor and stains.

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time for the above, you can use a linen-safe deodorizing spray on your upholstery — but just like with the cleaner, I recommend you spot test it on a small area to test for discoloration. 

After your next session, use a cannabis deodorizing spray

Other than choosing not to smoke in the car, you can stay on top of accumulating cannabis odor with a cannabis deodorizing spray. 

I know what you’re probably thinking: does it actually work?

And I’m happy to say that we use a proven deodorizing agent, so our sprays eliminate odor by neutralizing specific organic molecules (like smoke odor!) and reducing their concentration

Plus, they feature safe ingredients that are safe for spaces, skin, and linens. 

So if you’re ready to say adios to the stress of lingering skunk funk, you can check out our sprays here.


The lingering odor of cannabis odor can be difficult to strip from your car. But with the right methods, you can get your ride smelling funk-free. Target the upholstery, air vents, and air filters for a long-lasting freshness.

To your health (& odor-free) happiness,


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